May 24

A change of direction

The beginning of this website was to help increase my income while providing an interesting and relevant site where baby boomers might find useful information. Using the internet to make money sounds easy but one of the crucial factors is that you must have a stong focus in a precise niche. Expertise on a given subject drives the site, the advertising, the social media, and the every aspect of the campaign. With that focus your expertise is enhanced and your relevance increases which generates increasing traffic on all forms of internet media. Increasing traffic leads to increased revenue and as boomers we know having money can allow you to make more money.

One of the challenges I have faced is the diversity of interests I have in this site and I see in boomers as a whole. We and especially I am a “Jack of all trades and master of none”. Scouring the internet on a multiude of subjects is time consuming and more important doesn’t allow sufficent focus to make a relevant site that will draw the traffic needed to make money.

My main interests lie in helping others make their lives better within the resources they have. My conflict is that wise use of resources and the consuming of the multiude of goods available on the internet seem to be mutually exclusive. Many good and useful items are available on the internet but they are buried in mountains of fads, fashion and frivolus stuff.¬† I don’t want to encourage rampant consumerism that leads to enviromental and resource waste, self-indulgence and debt. These ills boomers will have to cope with in the future are the very ideas I would like to help curb in society.

Many good resources to meet the challenges of boomers are available on the internet. They can be found most effectively when you search for yourself along your interests. This site will illustrate some of my interests and the resources I find, that may be helpful to you. I hope that you find them helpful, if I profit so be it, but more important we might all be better.

Nov 23

Black Friday – why the name?

The origin of the name Black Friday starts in Philidelphia in 1961 in reference to the traffic problems associated with so many shoppers shopping downtown on the Friday after American Thanksgiving. An alternative and less troublesome concept is the retailers move into the time of making a profit for the year. In accounting years ago till an establishment started to make profit the balances were recorded in red ink (hence the term being in the red). When the income had exceeded the expenses and a profit was created the balances were recorded in black ink. Supposedly retailers begin to make a profit for the year as the Christmas shopping season begins hence Black Friday. This could be true when it is reported that sales on Black Friday in 2012 was over 59 Billion dollars.

When I worked in retail sales in early 1980’s the manager of the store explained Christmas sales like this. Take a regular Saturday and double the sales and that will be the sales on the first Saturday of December, double it again for the second Saturday , double that¬† for the third Saturday the double the third Saturday for the last Saturday before Christmas. Making the last shopping day before Christmas 16 times busier than a regular shopping day. In that last few years Black Friday has become the biggest shopping day of the year suppassing the Christmas and Boxing Day.

Like many of you, I like to avoid the chaos of Christmas shopping and Black Friday but still want the good deals. The modern solution has become known in the computer world Cyber Monday. All those items you just couldn’t find or get to on Black Friday are on sale on the internet on Cyber Monday and many of those deals last futher into the Christmas season. If you are in Canada, now you don’t even have to worry about the cross border shopping.