A change of direction

The beginning of this website was to help increase my income while providing an interesting and relevant site where baby boomers might find useful information. Using the internet to make money sounds easy but one of the crucial factors is that you must have a stong focus in a precise niche. Expertise on a given subject drives the site, the advertising, the social media, and the every aspect of the campaign. With that focus your expertise is enhanced and your relevance increases which generates increasing traffic on all forms of internet media. Increasing traffic leads to increased revenue and as boomers we know having money can allow you to make more money.

One of the challenges I have faced is the diversity of interests I have in this site and I see in boomers as a whole. We and especially I am a “Jack of all trades and master of none”. Scouring the internet on a multiude of subjects is time consuming and more important doesn’t allow sufficent focus to make a relevant site that will draw the traffic needed to make money.

My main interests lie in helping others make their lives better within the resources they have. My conflict is that wise use of resources and the consuming of the multiude of goods available on the internet seem to be mutually exclusive. Many good and useful items are available on the internet but they are buried in mountains of fads, fashion and frivolus stuff.  I don’t want to encourage rampant consumerism that leads to enviromental and resource waste, self-indulgence and debt. These ills boomers will have to cope with in the future are the very ideas I would like to help curb in society.

Many good resources to meet the challenges of boomers are available on the internet. They can be found most effectively when you search for yourself along your interests. This site will illustrate some of my interests and the resources I find, that may be helpful to you. I hope that you find them helpful, if I profit so be it, but more important we might all be better.

Catch the vision for Education and Life

Eyes are the most fascinating organ of the human body. They allow input into our brains of more data than we can recognise and show to the world how we feel. The eyes are called the window to our soul but as with all windows they function both ways.

Eyes change over time. Boomers as they get close to 45 especially will notice changes because the eyes just can’t accommodate and adjust like they used to. Diseases can effect the eyes directly and other degenerative diseases effecting the body include eye degeneration as well. Change in vision is not age specific so care for your eyes needs to be a life-long concern.

I have heard stories that children have had learning and behaviour problems. Their eyes were check by professionals, prescriptive lens were issued and learning and behaviour improved. Regular check-up on your eyes can help you see better and may catch eye specific diseases early and prevent blindness.

I can’t imagine how tragic it would be to lose my eyesight. In a world so dependent on computers, televisions, writing and books blindness would be a inescapable prison. More tragic would be walking into that prison by neglecting your eye health.